Unique In Our Work

Our Most Important Procedures:

The process of securing important facilities usually takes place in several stages, and all these stages take place under the supervision of a group of experts in the field of security of private and public facilities.

We provide each project with all the ingredients, and we follow the correct steps to make it a success, and we do not cover any site except after taking a number of procedures to ensure success and the customer has the best security service

Determining and evaluating the site to be guarded, by conducting a field visit to ensure that the service can be provided in the required and correct manner by specialists from our consulting center and submitting the initial report

Read the initial report, view the details of the site, study the site through analysis by the team of security consultants, and raise the communication of the security plan to be started after the completion of the procedures of contracts and agreements between us and the facility

Agreement with the client by contract management and completion of administrative procedures

A team of security specialists draws up the plan based on data from repeated visits to the site and exits from it with the most accurate and necessary details, and determines the scope of work to ensure the protection of the facility with the highest possible quality while determining the quantities, numbers, security survey drawings, and clarifying what the site needs in terms of manpower, devices and equipment such as: surveillance cameras, security gates, inspection devices

About Us

The security of the community rests on the shoulders of its children, and from here the Al-Akhawain Security Guards Est. was incepted, represented by its security and training staff, and when security is considered an important element in our daily life, which limited all societies to have the security feature to provide security protection in line with developments and the modern era of developments in this field in all Its industrial, commercial and economic sectors

Yes, the beginnings are small, but thanks to God and His grace, and then the trust of our customers. Today, we are the Al-Akhawain Security Guards Est., the leader in the field of private security guards. Since its inception, it aspires, through the efforts of its members, its administrative staff, and its security staff, to provide security services to the institutions and companies contracted with in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is keen on the good selection of its personnel, training and educating them with the necessary and continuous courses in a manner appropriate to the nature of work in all fields, and to be very keen to keep pace with the progress and prosperity in this field to be at the forefront in maintaining security and safety to protect society

We at Al-Akhawain Security Guards Est., aim to be among the best and largest national companies in the field of security and to develop its security management capabilities to keep pace with the economic developments of the Kingdom and to expand the security and service business

Finding and developing investment opportunities in the field of security services in protecting private property, approving security standards, creating a strategic partnership with the largest possible segment of customers, supporting their growth and success, and establishing their presence in the Kingdom.

Integrity: Practicing service and security work in accordance with the principles and controls of correct professional work

Excellence: We strive for excellence in providing our services to ensure success and obtain tangible results

Quality: The application of quality and safety standards in the field of our services is the secret of our existence in this field

Confidence: Our confidence in ourselves as an organization and the implementation of our security services to our clients in a professional and safe manner


We at Al-Akhawain Security Guards Est., an Aramco approved establishment, are committed to providing the best services to our clients in the field of security guards

Unique In Our Work

Private civil security services
Facilities management and protection
Equipped security patrols

Providing communication devices as desired by customers
Providing surveillance cameras according to the needs of each site
Providing a body guard for parties and festivals

Organizing festivals and events and managing crowds
Providing a female security component for commercial malls, wedding palaces and festivals, trained to search women

Training, rehabilitation and cleaning
Security consulting and developing a technical plan for the facilities
Supportive services

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